Mutual Favorites

It doesn’t take much to get me excited in general, but this is particularly true concerning music. And it’s particularly particularly true when I discover kindreds on the favorites front, as happened not once but twice this weekend.

i think i know the real reason mario came to visit...

i think i know the real reason mario came to visit…

My very good friend Mario– one of the first people I met roaming the halls of Stonewall Jackson High School, in all his green-haired glory, when I moved to Virginia over 10 years ago– is (re)-relocating to LA next week and I’d made him promise to come see me in C-ville before that happened. My old college roommate, Kathy, also happens to be staying with me in town for two weeks before heading back to law school in NYC, so it became a delightful weekend of worlds colliding, especially when an old co-worker Phil met us for dinner at the Local. (Mac-n-cheese app, they all got burgers, I got an interesting but really delicious half-squash filled with quinoa, cranberries, and goat cheese? We were all fat and happy by the end of it?)

And then it was sleeting. So rather than introduce Mario to the happening downtown bar scene, we had our friends Adam and Matt join us at mine for wine and “games,” though we were too distracted by YouTube to ever actually play games. (In other words, the night was a failure.) But that’s when the magic happened, and that’s what brings you today’s Song(s) of the Day.

I’d just been listening to this fun 2008 Radiohead live-set at work and gushing to a friend via G-chat about my adoration of one of the listings. It’s got this forceful, jolting, driving synth throughout, it’s about a degenerative rabbit disease… in general I know it doesn’t tend to top listeners’ Radiohead faves lists but I’ve always just found myself marveled by it. And then, as requests were being made that night for Next-Up on the evening’s play list, what does Phil request but his favorite RH song: “Myxamotosis.” Yorke on the track: “To me, that’s part of what ‘Myxomatosis’ is about – it’s about wishing that all the people who tell you that you’re crazy were actually right. That would make life so much easier.” (That’s actually a really sweet read if you have the time…)

no one likes a smart ass, but we all like stars… that wasn’t my intention; i did it for a reason.

Though we all (or at least Phil and I) had quite a moment with the tune, it’s perhaps needless to say that the mood needed lightening afterwards. Adam requested some Avett Brothers, and then specifically “Murder in the City,” and I’m sure you can only picture the reaction of a girl who’s had a few glasses of wine discovering for the second time in an hour that she had a Mutual Favorite with a friend. “No wayyyyyy! This is toooo weiiiiiiird!” It was probably rather obnoxious but then we all got lost in Scott Avett’s dreamy vocals and all was (hopefully) forgiven. A beautiful and poignant song about family that resonates with me especially since getting my dad and uncle an Avett Brothers CD for Christmas a few years back, and since my brother has taken to covering their tracks on ukulele. (Cute and thoughtful blog post about the band/song.)

always remember: there is nothing worth sharing like the love that lets us share our name.

Okay that was going to be it for the day but in order to honor Mario, and to further honor what was a really great evening in general, I’ve decided to include variations of one of his favorite tracks. I’ll let you decide to which he’s more partial…

if money smell bad then this n**** biggie stinkin’!

hahaha... gratuitous puppy shot. it's ollie's blog after all, you know...

hahaha… gratuitous puppy shot. it’s ollie’s blog after all, you know…

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