Vancouver Part Three: Wreck Beach & NYE

I bring you the final installment in my Vancouver series.

The 31st was mostly laid back… we got lunch at Sushi Bella then Laura took me to her favorite beach, which she discovered by accident after exploring the mystery staircase opposite one of the UBC buildings in which she studied when she first moved to Vancouver a few years back. In the summer, from what I hear, Wreck Beach is flush with, well, a bunch of naked people engaged in various forms of revelry (that link informs me it’s North America’s largest naturist community), but on the last day of 2014 there were only a handful of people (fully clothed) and a few dogs. It was peaceful and beautiful and a great venue for the type of reflection generally associated with that time of year.

joy joy all the way through wreck beach1 wreck beach2 laura wreck beach laura wreck beach bird wreck beach bird wreck beach flying bird wreck beach burnt log

wreck beach coach

by “the type of reflection generally associated with that time of year” i meant reflections of sunsets in sunglasses, of course.

wreck beach shadow

wreck beach staircase gif Our New Year’s Eve happened sort of funnily. We’d determined early in the week that we wanted to go see Goldroom at Electric Owl, but, clever girls that we are, only decided to buy our tickets the morning of the 31st. Or rather, attempt to buy the tickets, because it had been sold out for days and while tickets to many other NYE events were turning up on Craigslist for whatever reason Goldroom was scarce. Laura messaged them on Facebook and got a response informing us that they’d be selling a limited number of tickets at the door at 9 for a higher price, so we decided we’d do our best to take advantage of that. Which meant we geared up to get in line SUPER EARLY to lessen the possibility of of missing this opportunity. “Eight?” I suggested. “I don’t know… this seems to be pretty popular. I feel like seven would be safer?” “YEAH, YOU’RE TOTALLY RIGHT.”

So we ordered pizza (from a different Bella), got dressed up, put on sweatpants and leggings OVER our dresses, picked up some supplies (read: Fireball…), and hopped in a cab, at which point we were whisked off to the venue. “Wait, here?” the cabbie asked. It was 7:15 and the place was absolutely desolate. But hey, we had sweatpants and booze (brownbagged and all… the epitome of class), and it didn’t take too long for someone involved with the venue to show up. We asked him if it would be possible to get tickets right then, and it wasn’t, but he put us on a list and said if we got there right at 9 we should be fine. So we warmed up at a nearby bar then did just that. We were there awkwardly early, but at least it gave me a chance to take the pictures whence this gif was made:

dance floor

goldroom electric owl new year's eveAnd yeah, had a good time and went home at the [relatively] early hour of 1:30 because, again, inconveniently timed flights are a lot cheaper.

flying2In summary Vancouver was nothing short of wonderful, and of course the trip was all made possible thanks to the generosity and hospitality of my dear friend. Miss you already, Laur!!

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