San Diego Part Two: Hiking, Jamming, Skating, Balboa Park-ing

Merry Boxing Day! Christmas was great; this morning was great too (SAW THE FORCE AWAKENS AND IT DID NOT DISAPPOINT AND LET’S JUST SAY HALLOWEEN CANNOT COME SOON ENOUGH); here are the words and pics about the rest of the SD portion of my Cali trip.

“Hiking,” as found in the post title, is a bit of an exaggeration–  we began Sunday by walking to the top of “Not Mt. Helix” (a mountain/large hill near one of David’s old houses that he doesn’t know the name of, but which some people apparently confuse for nearby Mt. Helix). One motivation was to see the views, but another was for David to scope out the route to determine if he’d be able to get his 2WD Jeep Cherokee (“Bonquiesha leJeep Cherokeesha,” for long) all the way up. (Spoiler alert: Despite a bit of incredulousness on the part of his “psychic-ass”* visitor, the next day he proved that he could.)

Then we headed to the outlet malls on the Mexican border (his “psychic-ass” visitor did not have the foresight to bring her passport so no Tijuana stop was made) where David’s old buddies in POD were hosting a toy drive/mini concert. Then we ate our obligatory Thai meal (for old times’ sake!) at Mea Kwan restaurant in Chula Vista.

02 not mt helix pano07 mexico border

11 mea kwan thai restaurant

aroooooooi na ka! (thanks MJ 🙂 )

On Monday we did said drive up to Not Mt. Helix and checked out Coronado Island, but David has all the pics from that day so hold off on those. We got tacos for lunch, Dave had class in the evening, and then we went to a bar called the Office for a bit before grabbing late-night tacos and calling it a night.

Then Tuesday David’s friend Duncan brought the long-awaited guitar and we got to jam out a little in the morn. Then I accompanied them to their old apartment complex where they got back to their skater days (and I got to try my luck on a board a bit too/mostly just goof around for photos at the end). We attempted an In-and-Out visit but a long line drove us to Rubio’s instead (my third straight visit to a taco shop! #WhenInTacoLand… Also it’s with a heavy heart that I admit that I never did make it to an In-and-Out during my stay on the West Coast). Then we made a quick stop to Balboa Park, which was really lovely.

And my final morning (Wednesday) we just chilled while David hurried through the last of a final (and I got together my beloved gif page). Then I got David to class and scrambled to the train station in order to head to LA! So good spending time with an old friend, and here’s hoping the next reunion won’t take so long (expect similar sentiments re: LA and SF friends, whenever I get around to making those posts).

*Explanation of my “psychic-ass” label:
I very sexistly posited that if David’s roommate Nick didn’t like The Ridiculous 6 then I probably wouldn’t either after David suggested watching it my first night in town and Nick confessed to having seen it and not being hot on it. David bit back with, “Oh yeah, Psychic-Ass Angela over here’s known Nick for five minutes and already knows exactly what kind of movies he likes! It’s amazing!” And the nickname was born and I wouldn’t be surprised if (/even sort of hope that) I’ll forever be remembered in that Sweetwater house as Psychic-Ass Angela.

Happy Ollie-Days!

Merry Christmas from the Margela household!

Screen shot 2016-01-18 at 9.45.09 AM

(^^^ A  video we made for the Jenny-Slate-moderated competition through NPR’s Studio 360. Didn’t win but it was fun and I was pretty happy with the final results!)

[Update: Ollie ran off from my parents’ house in the middle of the night and had to be brought back by police officers at 1 in the morning, and then he decided to help himself to a couple Christmas gifts while we were at Christmas Eve mass (in fairness, one was the toy Moose got for him!), so he received the appropriate gift from Santa on Christmas morning.]

Screen shot 2016-01-18 at 9.36.01 AM

San Diego Part One: Ocean Beach & Sunset Cliffs

Merry Christmas Eve! Naturally this whole getting-my-photos-together thing is taking awhile (and did I mention Marlon and I are going to Peru on Monday?!), but here’s what I’ve got from Day One in San Diego. David and I had a lazy morning taking pictures of various items in his kitchen, then he took me to Ocean Beach (where there was a dog beach!). We grabbed some falafel/hummus/et al and headed to Sunset Cliffs (where many of the gifs in the previous post were taken, and where David managed to lure every gull in the vicinity to us with said falafel/hummus/et al). Then we went to some other nearby cliffs to play with tumbleweeds. Wee!

San Diego Gifs

Well, it’s my last morning in San Francisco (well, Oakland, technically) and I can say I’ve had a really terrific California trip! I’ve still got a ton of editing to do on my pics (as you may expect considering that I’ve been walking around with three cameras and my phone… #Overkill?) but in the meantime enjoy these gifs of waves crashing at Ocean Beach and the Sunset Cliffs in SD.


OH ALSO. If gifs are your thing (and they are, right? Gifs are everyone’s thing?) then I’m so excited to announce that I’ve achieved one of my Life Goals and finally created a page to display all my many gifs (and photos and videos too, but it’s the gifs I’m really stoked on right now).

CHECK IT OUT! (I recommend computer or tablet viewing, as opposed to phone, but do your thing.)

Screen shot 2015-12-20 at 1.22.11 PM

Renwick Gallery

Well, I’m in San Diego —


ooh, ahh

— but David’s got some schoolwork and I promised a post of the photos Marlon and I gleefully snapped together at the Renwick Gallery a few weeks ago, so here.

As I just learned, the Renwick Gallery is the first building in the United States designed expressly as an art museum, and it had been closed for two years of renovations leading up to the opening of the WONDER exhibition. <- That link explains:

While the nine artists featured in WONDER create strikingly different works, they are connected by their interest in creating large-scale installations from unexpected materials. Index cards, marbles, strips of wood—all objects so commonplace and ordinary we often overlook them—are assembled, massed, and juxtaposed to utterly transform spaces and engage us in the most surprising ways. The works are expressions of process, labor, and materials that are grounded in our everyday world, but that combine to produce awe-inspiring results.

Photography was encouraged, so our experience went well-documented (to say the least).

Tara Donovan had the index-card sculptures:

Gabriel Dawe perhaps won the day with his threads that created the illusion of light scattering:www.GIFCreator.me_81ZXj8


Patrick Dougherty created a sapling-hut village:

Janet Echelman created a mesmerizing display by splashing a net affixed to the ceiling with color-changing neon lights.www.GIFCreator.me_ilWLsX

John Grade transformed an old-growth cedar into a hollow hemlock:

Maya Lin did this marble room:

Chakaia Booker did some crazy stuff with tires:

Jennifer Angus made the fantastic insect-mosaic room:

And Leo Villareal was responsible for the very shimmery ceiling:

And here’s the rest of our gallery:

So yeah, in short, it was really awesome; and it looks like it’s running through the Spring/Summer of 2016, so be sure to get in a visit before it closes!