San Diego Gifs

Well, it’s my last morning in San Francisco (well, Oakland, technically) and I can say I’ve had a really terrific California trip! I’ve still got a ton of editing to do on my pics (as you may expect considering that I’ve been walking around with three cameras and my phone… #Overkill?) but in the meantime enjoy these gifs of waves crashing at Ocean Beach and the Sunset Cliffs in SD.


OH ALSO. If gifs are your thing (and they are, right? Gifs are everyone’s thing?) then I’m so excited to announce that I’ve achieved one of my Life Goals and finally created a page to display all my many gifs (and photos and videos too, but it’s the gifs I’m really stoked on right now).

CHECK IT OUT! (I recommend computer or tablet viewing, as opposed to phone, but do your thing.)

Screen shot 2015-12-20 at 1.22.11 PM

2 thoughts on “San Diego Gifs

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