New Year’s Eve in Cusco

Many of you are probably aware by now that the trip from Lima to Cusco (on December 30) had a slight hitch in that we didn’t exactly make it to Cusco on the first try. Or rather, we didn’t exactly land in Cusco, but we had a sweet flyover, and then, some time later, right after Marlon and I had mused to each other that there sure were a lot of clouds still around us, the pilot made the announcement that we’d be landing back in Lima in forty minutes. We had noticed lightning in the distance right before admiring the Cuscan rooftops, so we’ll trust in their claims of bad weather, but it was still frustrating.

01 lima sunset

sunset through the plane window as we descended to lima

We were informed that we’d be put on the 8 am flight the next day, that we needed to be to the airport at 6, that they (LAN Airlines) were putting us in a five-star hotel, and that they were organizing all necessary transport as well as a meal at the hotel. It took two hours in the notorious Lima traffic to get to the hotel (for reference, it took only ~twenty minutes to get back to the airport in the morning), so we were cranky and hungry and wishing we had more than 5 hours to sleep in the cush hotel bed before it was time to set out again, but whatever.

The next morning went just fine [thumbs up emoji] and the flight into Cusco through the Andes was once again spectacular. I… didn’t have a window seat, though. Nor do I have the permission of the stranger featured sleeping in his window seat in the gifs to share them. But voilà.

We arrived!

05 cusco airport

Then went against our soon-to-be-host’s advice and paid way too much for a cab to the AirBnB we had on the north side of town, in Jardines del Inca, just up the mountain from the Plazoleta de San Blas (which is right under the unfortunately-situated “16 min” tag on the below map). As in Lima, the main plaza in Cusco was the Plaza de Armas. We got situated in our room, which had an incredible view, and acquainted with our gracious and gregarious host Jay [Jay]. We thankfully didn’t feel too affected by the altitude (11,152 feet, or 3399 meters), so decided to make our way to the Plaza de Armas, by way of San Blas, with just one or two wrong turns in the narrow, labyrinthine (David Bowie reference! Drink!) streets.

Screen shot 2016-01-23 at 10.52.03 AM

When I said “up the mountain” earlier, I wasn’t exaggerating. Not only were the streets narrow, they were extremely steep, and the 1.1 km cited on the above map was almost entirely downhill on our way to the Plaza. Meaning that the 1.1 km return trip, with our lungs still adjusting to the thin air, was a little bit brutal. It got better over the couple days we were there, but we feel like we got plenty of exercise during our time in Cusco.

As the title indicates, our first day in Cusco was also New Year’s Eve! After the short night and busy morning/afternoon, we intended to get a nap to rest up for an eventful evening. Instead we trudged through the Jessica Jones pilot on our spotty wifi til it was time to get ready. Jess and Danny had told us how fun, though hectic, the celebrations in Plaza de Armas would be, so we wanted to get dinner somewhere in the area. After checking a few places’ menus, we opted for Mutu, which was serving a three-course Peruvian prix fixe menu and had a live band. We ended up being very happy with this decision. We wrapped up at about quarter to midnight, then moseyed over to the jubilant plaza. Fireworks were already being shot off in every direction (a little unsettling at times, tbh), and the Plaza was brimming with people decked out in the yellow accessories that are traditional in Peru. We kept to the edges, rather than getting sucked into the swarm in the center, but it was such a fun way to ring in 2016 (and we have the gif to prove it!).

67 cusco twilight

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