Snow Day (and Maddy’s Lion Heart)

You may have heard we got a bit of snow in Virginia on Wednesday.

charlottesville snow

We had a little pool going at work over how much snow we’d end up  getting. Everyone thought Bryan was crazy for throwing down for eight inches, but he took every penny of that $9 pot. The office was closed and I braced myself for a day of lounging with the pup. (And a little bit of chasing him through Belmont in knee-high snow when he ran off from the playground again.)

I did a bit of baking as well. It was just the Toll House Cookie recipe from the back of their chocolate chips bag, except I only used one cup of chocolate chips and substituted the other cup with Heath bar pieces (an old trick I learned from Momma). Oh and I didn’t have vanilla extract so I used two teaspoons of vanilla almond milk instead. But they were good! Wish I had one now.

chocolate chip cookies

But the fact that we just had nearly a foot of snow dropped on us in Virginia should serve as evidence that we have a way to go before we’re out of scarf season, don’t you agree? Well today’s your lucky day because I found the perfect scarf for you.

The Burns family is like an extension of the Calonder family– for over twenty years we’ve been putting up with each other already! They lived across the street from us a whole lifetime ago in Colorado Springs and through the years and many moves on the parts of both families we’ve just remained phenomenally close. Maddy, a sophomore at Appalachian State, is their youngest and has had this Africa fascination for years now. She’s been passionately involved with Invisible Children since high school, and was able to actually go to Uganda a year or two ago for… some charitable purpose (pardon, the details are spotty for me). She’s now all lined up to go on a fantastic three-month excursion to Kenya, Uganda, and South Sudan with a friend of hers to participate in a number of philanthropic endeavors. And she’s raising money to do it by knitting beautiful, high-quality scarves for an online “shop” she’s calling Lion Heart. And if that weren’t enough, there’s even an option to donate a scarf to cancer patients. She’s really just the sweetest, guys, so do take a look and see if there’s not something you’d be interested in?

i must become a lion-hearted girl, ready for a fight before i make the final sacrifice!

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