In My G4 Over Da Sea (and Baby Bro’s 21st)

Whoa. You’ve done it again, Ben Holmes. I was out for my littlest brother’s 21st birthday last night, so you’ll forgive me not remembering opening the email when you sent it, but it was a nice little present to wake up to this morning, on my couch, with my feet perched comfortably on top of Ollie’s sleeping form.

Everyone, please enjoy this excellent version of “In the Aeroplane Over the Sea,” remixed under the moniker Neutral Bling Hotel and retitled “In My G4 Over Da Sea.” Very good production and a brilliant choice of songs to mash-up. “Jesus Walks” with “King of Carrot Flowers Pts 2 & 3“? As Jeff Mangum croons, “I love you Jesus Christ!”?! Come on, people. It’s almost too perfect. By the end of the third track you’re wondering what these songs sounded like without a bit of bass and a sick flow over top. (Or, conversely, by the tenth track, what “Ice Cream Paint Job” sounded like without bagpipes. Okay confession, I’ve never heard that song before, thus really don’t know what it sounds like sans bagpipes.)

in my g4 over da sea

And since I mentioned the birthday party (at Nate’s apartment and the Biltmore):

mustache flaskme and nate

adam and matt

with my wingmen for the evening

with ryan and nate

birthday shots!

birthday shots!

even ollie gave him a card

even ollie gave him a card

So yayyy Nate’s 21, hip hip hooray!

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