This Fortnight-and-a-Half in Links

I’ve been busy these past few Saturdays… Coming home to hang with friends and family in Northern Virginia; entertaining a guest last weekend. I’m actually in Northern Virginia again but have the house to myself for a moment and thought I’d make an attempt at throwing a post together.

(Also, I think it’s worth mentioning that I have to call people in the UK for work sometimes, and someone actually used the word “fortnight” as a genuine part of his everyday lexicon the other day. It’s moments like that that make it all worth it.)

Without further ado (and I did weed out a number of the links I’d made note of, on account of the lengthier time tin which I let them build up, but you’ll still notice a bit of an outdated Valentine’s Day/Grammy theme. Yeah, I’ve been off my game haha.):

Outdated Valentine’s-Themed Link #1: A very touching story about a married interracial couple, whose last name was “Loving,” and the societal and legal troubles they had to overcome in prejudiced 1950’s Virginia; from a recent UVA Student Newsletter. I actually took a rural poverty course with the professor being discussed my final semester at school; it was one of my favorites at the time (the fact that she’d order Take It Away sandwiches to have at the end of a longer class period didn’t hurt in that regard!). I also want to make a mental note of watching the HBO documentary, The Loving Storybased off of their tale. (As always, pictures link to their respective pages.)

loving in virginia

Outdated Valentine’s-Themed Link #2: A Matador Network piece on international aphrodisiacs.


Outdated Grammy-Themed Link #1 (actually there’s only one): A… well the title really captures the essence of it all. A “hilariously grotesque email from network standards and practices” concerning what was and was not appropriate to be on air at the Grammy’s. The rules are… detailed and specific, and include the terms “bare fleshy under curves” and “‘puffy’ bare skin exposure.”

hilariously grotesque email atlantic

And… the rest of the links, at random.

My brother achieved practically celebrity status in the Reddit world by being terrible at his job, apparently:


I told him he’d better be careful, though… there was that scandal with the Applebee’s waitress that happened over a similar offense…

My friend Tam also had a sort of brush with fame (anonymous fame, I suppose, oxymoronic as that may sound) when she discovered illustrations she’d designed on a freelance job a year and a half ago had actually become popular T-shirt graphics. She says:

In July 2011, I was approached by an NYC entrepreneur who’d seen my work. He wanted to create a company selling products based on vintage cameras, more specifically t-shirts featuring illustrations. I was commissioned for 6 different camera illustrations. Fast forward a year and a half, and I discover that people all over the world are wearing my artwork and it has been featured in a number of blogs and other press outlets. I still remember brainstorming about branding ideas and social media, and it’s finally come to life! So very cool. Check it all out below. I illustrated the Fast Shooter, Rangefinder Classic, Streetshooter, Swede, Tank, and Twin Lens Reflex.

dodge and burn

In… entertainment news:

Remember that “Who Is Bonnie Bear?” Twitter that arose in light of the 140-character gold flowing from the fingers of dedicated Skrillex fans during the “Best New Artist” Grammy debacle last year (hey! I guess I do have another somewhat-Grammy-themed item!)? Ol’ Justin Vernon (aka Bon Iver) is back in the social media spotlight with this sugar sweet Tumblr:

i hope it's not too much of a spoiler to warn that they're PG at best, but you won't even mind.

i hope it’s not too much of a spoiler to warn that they’re PG at best, but you won’t even mind.

Any karaoke fan will appreciate this next one, and wish there were someone like John Brophy building cool and custom karaoke tracks on request at your local karaoke hangout. Why does Portland get the best of everything?!

portland karaoke

So by now everyone’s seen approximately three billion videos of the Harlem Shake (or, if you’re me, just the UGA Men’s Swim and Dive one and the washing machine one, because I was curmudgeonly-annoyed by their ubiquity pretty quickly [“You see what she just did? She claims to hate it then frikkin’ links to two videos… what a hypocrite.”]), but something else has come out of Harlem that I don’t think is getting nearly enough attention: the Globetrotters, and specifically the fact that they’ve gone to North Korea for ‘basketball diplomacy.’ This is… a 30 Rock plot, no? The Guardian brings you up to speed.

his teammate's face looks like that because he's in the process of saying, 'i've always liked korea. north korea, south korea... don't matter. i've always liked korea.'

his teammate’s face looks like that because he’s in the process of saying, ‘i’ve always liked korea. north korea, south korea… don’t matter. i’ve always liked korea.’

And finally, just because I can’t help including articles that make people of my generation feel hopeless:

age of the permanent intern

amazingly, history didn't make the list!

amazingly, history didn’t make the list!

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