We made it! The journey was lengthy and more-than-once frustrating from Lima to DC (via New York, with enough hours in JFK to last a lifetime), but after twelve exciting days in Peru we’re finally back breathing the oxygen-rich air of le District.

But I still have ~3 Cali posts to knock out! So here are my snaps from my first ever (and all-too-brief) stop in Los Angeles. I took the Pacific Surfliner train from San Diego while the sun set, which was a treat in-and-of-itself. (Don’t worry, I took pictures even though it’s almost always a bad idea to take pictures through a dirty/scuffed up train window. And– spoiler alert!– I did the same thing on our train to Machu Picchu so you have twice the subpar train window pics to look forward to!)

Megan graciously drove the astonishing two hours from Santa Monica to fetch me at [a bar near] Union Station (it took only twenty minutes to get back [shocked/pained emoji]. I’d heard tell of the infamous LA traffic but still found this unbelievable…), then we grabbed dinner at a pizza place in SM. She had work the next day, but her Venice apartment was just a short walk from Abbot Kinney Boulevard (and ultimately Venice Beach), so I was easily occupied until it was time for my midday flight to San Francisco. I found it all very happenin’. Will definitely need to make it a longer stop next time :).

Coronado Island

Hi from Peru! Mar and I have been having a really great time since arriving five days ago (wow, is it just five days?!). We got a crash course in Lima (with a little help from old buddies Jess and Danny), made it to Cusco on the second attempt (thankfully without any *crash* courses– GET IT? CUZ THE WEATHER WAS TOO BAD FOR OUR PLANE TO LAND THE FIRST TIME!), rang in 2016 in the festive Plaza de Armas, hopped out to the Sacred Valley/Aguas Calientes to check out the extraordinary Machu Picchu, and returned to Cusco this morning where we’ve been killing time til our bus leaves at 10 tonight for Puno/Lake Titicaca.

BUT! So much still from California to get around to, so without much commentary at all here are the pics David had on his phone. They’re almost entirely from our brief tour of Coronado Island, but the first one is from the mini party/jam session my second night in town (except I was jet lagged and crashed after ‘jamming’ for about three songs) and the last one is from our first taco stop. Because #importantthings.

San Diego Part One: Ocean Beach & Sunset Cliffs

Merry Christmas Eve! Naturally this whole getting-my-photos-together thing is taking awhile (and did I mention Marlon and I are going to Peru on Monday?!), but here’s what I’ve got from Day One in San Diego. David and I had a lazy morning taking pictures of various items in his kitchen, then he took me to Ocean Beach (where there was a dog beach!). We grabbed some falafel/hummus/et al and headed to Sunset Cliffs (where many of the gifs in the previous post were taken, and where David managed to lure every gull in the vicinity to us with said falafel/hummus/et al). Then we went to some other nearby cliffs to play with tumbleweeds. Wee!