Yawny at the Apocalypse

Well congratulations readers (though… I think making that word plural is probably giving myself too much credit). If you’re reading this you survived the hellfire and horsemen or whatever was supposed to happen today. The world flipped on its axis, and at least here in Virginia, all we got was a bit of rain. Though I do feel a bit silly on account of having spent a small fortune on that afterlife insurance at the eleventh hour yesterday, more than anything I’m happy to still be here to share the final numbers on the now-irrelevant End of the World playlist.

Item 1, from the most famous thing to come out of Charlottesville (though originally from Jo-burg, as all my Saffer friends like to remind me) aside from TJ himself (and, globally speaking, certainly more so): Dave Matthews Band. Actually, who are we kidding… I wouldn’t be surprised if more Americans knew DMB than Thomas Jefferson at this point. You know… on the nickel? Those exotic two dollar bills? Drafted the Declaration of Independence? Third president? Founded an itty bitty little East Coast school? No? Well anyway. Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds, everyone.

like a river bends, we’re going to float through the criss cross of the mountains. watch them fade to nothing when the world ends.

Next up, and keeping with the live-acoustic theme, the first version I ever heard of a certain Incubus song, and one that I prefer greatly to the original. Reminds me of the summer after 11th grade, cruising around listening to “angela’s amazingly awesome acoustic amalgam.” (I think “amalgam” had been a vocabulary word that year.)

the time has passed for hand-me-downs… choose anew, please evolve, take flight.

I’m going to make a confession here… I went through a phase where I was kind of into mashups. Of which there are many bad ones out there. But there was one that caught my attention then and which I believe deserves a position on the list. Anything that features Debbie Harry’s pseud0-rap skills is okay by me. Oh yeah, and Jim Morrison. That works too.

’cause the man from mars stopped eatin cars and eatin bars and now he only eats guitars, get up!

So this one’s… totally cliché and obvious and predictable and whatever whatever whatever. Be that as it may, it made the cut (and, in all honesty, is what sparked the idea for the playlist in the first place when I heard it on the radio driving back from Richmond last Sunday). It’s an excellent blast from the past and is just plain fun. Right? Right.

the other night i dreamt of knives. continental drift divide. mountains sit in a line. leonard bernstein leonid brezhnev lenny bruce and lester bangs.

(Wiki tells me Michael Stipe truly had a dream where he was surrounded by people with the initials LB that helped serve as inspiration for the song.)

This morning I woke up and my first instinct, naturally, was to take a photo of my goofy pup who had decided he wanted to lay with his paws on my shoulder. While my aim was off and the paws-on-shoulder didn’t really work out, the photo actually turned out way better than I could have ever hoped:

yawny at the apocalypse

And, naturally, it went straight to Instagram with a joke that he thought the world was ending because I thought the expression suggested a terrified scream.

But I’m sure you’re all aware that little Ollie pup is just giving a big ol’ yawn, which, despite the tongue-in-cheek attention I’ve been providing it, I think is truly more appropriate for this whole ‘end of the world’ business. So, Andrew Bird, hop onto this playlist please:

no lyrics for this one… just enjoy this beautiful instrumental track by a very talented violinist/whistler. though there’s no whistling in this one either.

And, in the same vein, the Strokes.

is this… it?

And, finally because I saw a [presumably… haven’t actually listened to all/much of it yet] way cooler EotW Playlist in a Matadornetwork.com article yesterday I’ll leave you with that as well. They’ve gone so far as to insert a Grooveshark widget with the playlist right in the article, which is a trick I’ll probably have to try one day. But today is not that day. Lots of funky Latin vibes on this one!

end of the world(http://matadornetwork.com/nights/playlist-for-the-end-of-the-world/)

Oh, but funny coincidence, they have a song by Sun Kil Moon on their playlist, which is a band I hadn’t even heard of until yesterday when I noticed that they do a cover of “Ocean Breathes Salty” when making my own playlist. What a world!

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