Maybe you missed our good friend Kanye West perform his new single “All Day” at last week’s BRIT Awards. Maybe you’ve intentionally avoided it after finding this year’s earlier singles to have fallen flat. Maybe you just haven’t gotten around to it. I was some combination of all of these until last night, when I made the Right Choice and decided to give it a listen. AND I DARE YOU TO ASK ME HOW LONG I’VE BEEN LISTENING TO IT TODAY. [Morning-after edit: Full-length streams seem to be scarce right now! What a tease, that Kanye West… I guess maybe once the Steve McQueen-directed video drops we’ll be back in business.]

Now, I’m in Kanye’s corner all the way, but he’s had me a little on edge this year (which he started off by releasing “Only One” on his blog and iTunes). And it was a cute story and all, and there was the ooooh, ahhhh, Paul McCartney factor but… It was solid “Meh” status. I sort of rejected the notion that “FourFiveSeconds” would find its way onto the new Kanye album, as it just makes wayyyy more sense to me as a Rihanna song, but I guess if he’s going for “cookout” music? I guess I can imagine hearing that at a cookout? I was excited for a Sia collab and “Wolves” seemed like a step in at least a more sensible direction after a couple listens, but I guess I was still waiting for that ‘banger’.


cover art for the pending album, titled ‘so help me god.’ click to hear ‘all day’ on

Full version can be purchased on iTunes.

My first reaction was that– with a notable absence, of course– it might be what “Ni**as In Paris” would’ve sounded like if it had been on Yeezus. (And indeed, Kanye’s alluded to having channeled Jay while writing it. [Whoa, that interview’s from last July! Yeezy’s been holding out on us!]) And I guess the early reference to the proverbial “shit” being “cray” makes that an easy comparison but it’s also got the same self-aware (and almost silly, like when he refers to the AllState guy as “fake Denzel” ) bravado and a nearly as infectious a beat.

(The other song I keep finding myself reminded of is this sweet 2008 jam but maybe that’s something I should rather keep to myself…) The pop-culture references are plentiful and amusing, the hometown pride is clear, and he even finds a couple occasions on which to brag about his wifey (and the extraordinary resell value of his namesake sneakers). Ye’s back!

And let’s not overlook Allan Kingdom‘s refrain. It’s just… really nice poetry? “I took a young, sweet breath/and reached into my head/gave him what I had left/at that moment I dispersed.” Kingdom is an up-and-coming Canadian rapper who’s done work with Kid Cudi’s producer, Plain Pat.

And of course our buddy Paul McCartney pops in to show off his whistling chops there at the end. Didn’t you hear Kanye West is practically a Beatle by now?

“The Blacker the Berry”

There was actually another significant music happening, this one in the hip hop world, I’d intended to include with my last post, but which I think deserves to be more than a footnote. Kendrick Lamar dropped something that, in my opinion, carries more weight than either Kanye’s pulling-a-Kanye or Drake’s pulling-a-Beyoncé (seriously, surprise album releases are so 2013, and they don’t even end up winning you the Grammy riiiiiight?). At this point we’re all well aware that the past year-or-so has been a tough one, to put it lightly, for race relations in our country. Ideas of fairness and progress have been challenged; notions of privilege and disparity have been given unprecedented attention.

With these challenges and new perspectives has come a whole, confusing, spectrum of emotions for people of all colors. Kendrick’s never had a problem tackling the hard subjects in his lyrics, though. Section.80 was such a powerful and insightful album for me (I’ll never forget hearing, “‘How old are you?’ She say 22, I say 23. ‘Okay, then we all crack babies.'” for the first time.), and it opens with a pretty simple, if impractical, solution to the Race Problem: fuck your ethnicity. That said, Kendrick’s proud of his. While remaining true to his heritage, he goes to great lengths to subvert stereotypes about and realities within his community. His breakthrough hit “Swimming Pools” poses as a standard party anthem but is really a scathing critique of the shallowness of a lifestyle centered around excess. He shines on Pusha T’s “Nosetalgia,” using the tale of his rejection of the drug-dealing legacy handed to him by his father and grandfather (“Pops, your ass is washed up, with all due respect… Every verse is a brick. Your son dope!“) to counter Pusha’s sentimental reflection on his own crack-slinging days. And last year’s “i,” which the Academy did find Grammy-worthy, is a celebration– an affirmation of love even when the world’s a ghetto full of big guns and picket signs.

“The Blacker the Berry,” to use a completely unoriginal comparison, may well be the Malcolm X to “i”‘s Martin Luther King, Jr. It’s aggressive and pushes buttons. You’re supposed to feel uncomfortable in parts. Put simply, it’s an honest and heartbreaking glimpse into the mindset of a black man in America, revolving around an enigmatic ‘hypocrisy’. But I’ll leave the more knowledgeable interpretations to the Pulitzer Prize winners and bow out here. Remember this: every race start from the block.

In this final couplet, Kendrick Lamar employs a rhetorical move akin to—and in its way even more devastating than—Common’s move in the last line of “I Used to Love H.E.R.”: snapping an entire lyric into place with a surprise revelation of something hitherto left unspoken. In “H.E.R.”, Common reveals the identity of the song’s “her”—hip hop itself—forcing the listener to re-evaluate the entire meaning and intent of the song. Here, Kendrick Lamar reveals the nature of the enigmatic hypocrisy that the speaker has previously confessed to three times in the song without elaborating: that he grieved over the murder of Trayvon Martin when he himself has been responsible for the death of a young black man. Common’s “her” is not a woman but hip hop itself; Lamar’s “I” is not (or not only) Kendrick Lamar but his community as a whole. This revelation forces the listener to a deeper and broader understanding of the song’s “you”, and to consider the possibility that “hypocrisy” is, in certain situations, a much more complicated moral position than is generally allowed, and perhaps an inevitable one.

(Michael Chabon‘s two cents on

Joakim Noah’s Ark

Not to have a dramatic shift in tone (because you’ve all obviously been just waiting in suspense since August…), but what may have been my favorite Halloween just passed and a friend got married and I had some college besties in town and I have some free time on my hands tonight and I guess all those things a blog post make…

First I wanted to be Marge Simpson. I’ve been cultivating quite the mane and am not sure how much longer that will be the case and it seemed opportune. But then I remembered said wedding and going blue, permanently or temporarily, the night before seemed like a questionable decision. At some point in time, after my brother mentioned that Joakim Noah was the ugliest basketball player, my mom observed that my aforementioned mane actually sort of resembled Noah’s infamous… well, I hate to be repetitive, but “mane” might better suit him. (Spoiler alert: that’s not the last of the manes in this post.)

To quote one of said college besties: “The greatest travesty would be if you didn’t go as Joakim Noah.”

So the decision made itself, right? Then we realized there were biblical connections and next thing I knew I was having this text exchange:

animal names

Fair question (on his part), but stick with me. I think Christin got the ball rolling with Larry Bird and it went from there. We got to brainstorming and after numerous other text/email exchanges we had our Ark.


Emilie arrived on Thursday night and we did some last minute Michaels shopping. Christin got in while I was at work so she and Em got a head start while brainstorming some eleventh-hour additions.

progressAnd then when I got off it was all hands on deck (almost literally!!!) to finish our costumes and build an ark before the great flood Caleb’s rehearsal dinner, which was a real lovely affair (and reunion of sorts).



Then it was go time. The night’s festivities included an impromptu pregame at my place when S&P friends showed up and then a stroll to my the party at my brother’s, not without our ark full of candy (an historically accurate detail, I believe) of course.

kevin durantelopes/joakim noahs/larry birds of a feather

kevin durantelopes/joakim noahs/larry birds of a feather

complete with ark

complete with ark

they came two by two, right?

they came two by two, right?

i even ran into a pair of malcolm frogdons at the party.

i even ran into a pair of malcolm frogdons at the party.

larry taking control of the ark for the journey home

larry taking control of the ark for the journey home

And in case you weren’t able to identify all of our ark passengers, I’ve put together this handy guide:

carmelo ANThony

carmelo ANThony

chris bosh the dinosaur (but apparently not the right dinosaur. it's a little-known fact that certain dinosaurs were also on the ark)

chris bosh the dinosaur (but apparently not the right dinosaur. it’s a little-known fact that certain dinosaurs were also on the ark)

kobee bryant

kobee bryant

christin's counterpart

kevin durantelope: christin’s counterpart

double cavalier pride!

joe hare-is: double cavalier pride!

kris humphries

kris HUMPhries

swam alongside the ark

kareem abdul jabarracuda; swam alongside the ark

don't want none.

lebronaconda don’t want none.

mike-bull jordan

mike-bull jordan

the last of the manes

jeremy lion (i said there’d be more manes!)

with seal the seal (cannot take photoshop credit for seal the seal)

shaquille o’seal with seal the seal (cannot take photoshop credit for seal the seal)

lamarlin odom: accompanied kareem

lamarlin odom: accompanied kareem

chris pauler bear

chris pauler bear

we had so many ideas for singletary and he didn't even make it on the ark somehow...

sean flamingotary (we had so many ideas for singletary and he didn’t even make it on the ark somehow…)

sean singleterrier

sean singleterrier

prawn singletary

prawn singletary

And we had some names that didn’t even get Photoshopped: Kevin Dove, London Purrantes, Justin Pantherson, Dennis Codman…

Also I learned that Joakim Noah’s charity is called… Well. You guessed it.

[Sidenote:] Admittedly after Halloween, I mentioned to Marlon that if we got a dog we could name it Kanye, and got pretty excited at the idea of Ollie running around town with Kanye West Highland Terrier.

ollie and kanye west highland terrier

Oh and let’s not forget– Caleb and Amanda had a really gorgeous wedding at the Clifton Inn. So happy for #teampeppers :).

group photo

“About You:” A Study in Samples

I feel it’s happening with less frequency these days, but from time to time you’ll still come upon a Sample Hater: individuals whose blood boils at the idea of the scads of songs these days that draw directly from the work of others (with or without the owners’ knowledge or permission) in order to create something new. “New”?

Well whatever, haters gonna hate, but I personally think it’s a super cool way to produce art with ties to so many other genres of music; to see the new direction a musician can take an idea that developed in the head of another. It can also be fun to track down the various components of a song like some sort of musical scavenger hunt.

Take the song “About You” by XXYYXX (the moniker of Marcell Everett, a 17-year-old from Orlando who made this super psychedelic album in his bedroom). The self-titled album had kept coming up as a recommendation on YouTube, and finally I gave into its super Illuminati-inspired allure. I thought the production was really good and got pretty drawn into the hypnotic experimental progressions for awhile, but I’ll admit to getting distracted by something else in the bottomless world of the ‘Tube before long.

Until a friend was in town this weekend, and, upon meeting Ollie (you know, my Thai Domestic Fox), told me I had to watch the video for this cool track that featured fox masks that greatly resembled him. That track was “About You.”

If you’re like me, at some point you found yourself wondering just what that mysterious and ethereal theme meant, and in what language (“Something Slavic, I bet!”). Or… maybe you’re way smarter and deduced instantly that ol’ Marcell had just employed one of the oldest and most beloved techniques of hiding Satanic propaganda in popular music and simply reversed a sample.

Someone did us the favor of turning the entire track as we know it backwards:

we discover the vocalist is crooning, ‘here forever inside.’

At some point I realized that line must have an origin of its own and a quick search led me to the song “Just Hold On” by a producer called zircon, featuring Jillian Aversa. It’s just crazy to me that someone can… hear one teeny little line, think “I’ll turn that… backwards,” and then make something new and beautiful in a completely different way from it.

And just for some added sample-related cool, something that turned up when I downloaded Kanye West’s discography back in my torrenting days: Gold Digging: As Sampled by Kanye West. It’s a collection of the original versions of songs Kanye has sampled, and is just another testament to some of the really creative ways these guys are making new from old in music.

(There’s also a second disc.)

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The Bikram Post

I know this isn’t the first time you’ve ever heard of Bikram (and probably isn’t the second or twentieth either); I know everyone who reads this (all two of you) surely has their mind made up already about which side of the fence they’re on when it comes to Bikram Yoga. You either dig the idea of slowly and silently Vogue-ing in the strangest of positions for 90 minutes in a 105 degree room or you don’t. I’m not trying to make believers of anyone.

But (and I know you’re on the verge of confronting me with a, ‘methinks thou doth protest too much’ at this point, but it’s true!) the truth is that I really didn’t intend this blog to be one big collection of YouTube videos, at least not entirely. I wanted it to be a way to kind of… hold myself accountable for a sort of healthy, creative lifestyle through documentation. As far as pursuing creative avenues, I’ll admit I’m slacking. I drew one picture of a wonk-eyed prince (in the style of the great Australian painter, Samuel Condon), and play bad covers on an out-of tune guitar for about an hour every other night. Ooh, I do have one project I’m kind of working on but not in a very disciplined manner at all. But I try not to get down on myself.

From a health perspective, I’m doing alright. I get plenty of (read: so much) sleep; I think I succeed in eating well more often than not (last weekend’s pizza bender notwithstanding); and I get a lot of walking in, between taking What’s-His-Face on daily tours of Belmont and getting to and from the office. But one of the big things I’d wanted to start doing upon moving here was get back into Bikram.

Charlottesville’s a great place for Bikram. That is to say, it has an awesome studio. My good friend and former roommate, Julia, developed such a passion for the practice through them that she became a certified instructor, going on to teach first in Cville and now in the Bronx. Kathy also was a dedicated yogi, completing a 30-day challenge fourth year (and going nearly every day when she was just visiting here, none of which I accompanied her for! So bad!). I had expected that now that I’m a big workin’ girl I wouldn’t run into the biggest obstacle to truly becoming an aficionada I faced as a student: expense. But ay, that $15 an hour gets spread thin every week, and though I went I think three times right when I moved back, after the holidays my good habits were done for.

calonder burns yoga thanksgiving

oh yeah, let’s not forget the calonder-burns family hot yoga session in cary the morning after thanksgiving!

that's right, even the pops-es decided to give it a go with us at the indigo hot yoga studio (

that’s right, even the pops-es decided to give it a go with us at the indigo hot yoga studio ( also huge lolz to ryan in this picture…

But (and this is back on the subject of our studio here being so rad), good things come to those who make excuses for not going to yoga wait, and Bikram Yoga Cville had a great Valentine’s Day promotion: bring a date, sign up for an unlimited month, and your date gets one free. Or, as I interpreted it: steal your brother’s girlfriend for 90 minutes, and both-a-yas can split the price of one unlimited month, ya dig? So we went, both of us miserably out of practice in a fairly crowded session. The experience took its standard course for me: feel pretty hot, feel a little hotter, feel like I’m starting to tolerate it, get dizzy about halfway through the balance series, regain my composure around Triangle, wish the two-minute savasana would never end, lament my lack of back strength through the entire floor series (meanwhile wishing all the intermittent savasanas would never end), and feel like the limpest dampest rag that’s been wrung out a million times by the end of it. But in a good way, you know?

And now we’re both sitting on half-priced unlimited months! For added incentive, I made it this year’s lenten vow (haha) that I would go to yoga thrice a week (that and something about trying to eat vegan twice a week; totally doable, the only reason I wouldn’t would be laziness-with-a-hint-of-self-sabotage). My body (and miiiiiind) are excited for the new onslaught of exercise (yes, 270 hours a week is now an onslaught).

Oh, and here’s an article I’ve been sitting on for months, waiting to get into Bikram again and write about it! I think it’s actually the reason I wrote this post haha. It’s a piece called I Left the Room (so you don’t have to) from a blog I haven’t properly sat down to peruse called I Do Things So You Don’t Have ToThe author is prone to panic attacks and takes a humorous approach to having one that forced her to– gasp!— leave the room during one particular Bikram session.

A quick excerpt:

Oh, wait. That all happened to me. But come on. It’s still funny. You have to laugh, right? Anyway, it’s been quite a while since my ol’ friend panic attack paid a visit. But the day I signed up for my first Bikram yoga class, I had a feeling we might be meeting again.

You see, my young friends, the panic attacks were always triggered by heat and humidity and the feeling that you can’t breathe because there’s no air when it’s hot and you gasp and hyperventilate and OF COURSE there’s plenty of air but that doesn’t stop your brain from telling your body YEE-HAW! It’s fight-or-flight time, and you ain’t got no one to fight and there ain’t nowhere to fly.

And it goes on as such. Do give it a look:

"i left the room (so you don't have to)"

“i left the room (so you don’t have to)”

Oh and what the hell, I guess I’ll wish all you sappy fools a Happy Valentine’s Day as well. My date’s cashed out early, but sleep actually doesn’t sound too bad right now at all.

my snuggy valentine

my snuggy valentine

but don’t change a hair for me, not if you care for me, stay little valentine, stay…

“You mean that’s not just from a Kanye song?!”

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This Week in Links: January 12-19

Our themes this week are conspiracies, pop stars, and (surprise) animals.

Some of you may remember me discussing at some point or another a bit of stress I may have undergone when first arriving in Thailand on account of all the conspiracy-theory talk circulating amongst my friends. And Lupe Fiasco. “Nine-eleven, Building Seven, did they really pull it?!Planes were dowsing the planet with toxic aluminum and barium on the daily, Princess Di was assassinated, and we didn’t land on the moon. It just really had me feeling like this. (Okay, sorry Emilie, I promise not to start using gifs to illustrate everything, that is truly your realm.)

Of course I’m exaggerating, but it’s funny now to look back on because I do find the whole business a bit fascinating. Though have zero desire to spend any more time blogging about it. Or… about those conspiracies, anyway.

Because the fascination doesn’t stop there, people. Everything we hold near and dear in pop culture, it would seem, is potentially involved in some sort of twisted scheme. I first decided to do some investigating after looking for the full Watch the Throne album on YouTube because I was just dying, for whatever reason, to hear Jay say, “Do you know who I am, Clarice?” in “Murder to Excellence.” (Coincidentally this was the morning after Jodie Foster delivered her allegedly powerful Golden Globes speech, of which I was oblivious at this point.) Couldn’t find the full album; instead found the show they did in London for the Watch the Throne tour (in which they didn’t actually perform “Murder to Excellence,” but who’s counting?). Which brings me to how I started thinking about celebrity conspiracies: in the comments there were all kinds of Illuminati references (including one simply stating, “illuminati muppets,” which hit me hard, because the only thing I hate being called more than a sheep[le] is a muppet. But it was unclear to whom the comment was really directed so I was able to let it slide). And I realized it wasn’t the first time I’d seen the Illuminati mentioned in connection to some of our most beloved superstars, and so decided to find out more.

Now, I’ve read The Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons so I like to think I know as much about the Illuminati as the next guy– that is to say, almost nothing. However, a quick, “what does jay-z have to do with the illuminati?” search yielded many results. I liked this one from Slate a lot, and with a title like, “Is Lady Gaga a Satanist Illuminati Slave?” who could blame me? But the graphic for this Gawker article was too good to pass up:

i mean, if nothing else this is definitely making me want to be a part of the illuminati. shoot... is that the intention? are they in my head already?

i mean, if nothing else this is definitely making me want to be a part of the illuminati. shoot… is that the intention? are they in my head already?

It offers two comprehensive “guides” (“The Believer’s Guide” and “The Skeptic’s Guide,” both informative and, in good Gawker-style, hilarious), and gets you kind of hoping that Blue Ivy Carter really is in charge of the world, because an infant occupying the captain’s chair is about the only acceptable explanation for things being so messed up.

Perhaps you recall the 15 Insane Fan Theories… list from Buzzfeed I posted on my first installment of This Week in LinksAladdin‘s set in the future, Tarantino has created a similar but alternate universe, Ferris Beuller’s Day Off all takes place in Cameron’s head? Well Emilie’s directed me to a character-oriented list in the same vein:

literary characters conspiracy flavorwire

it’s like… 95% homosexuality (honestly i’m surprised bert and ernie and tinky-winky didn’t make the list…) but still worth a read, as that’s an entirely hyperbolic figure.

And for old times’ sake, here are links to two of my favorite conspiracy theories from back in the day: Hollywood begins mass brainwashing campaign to get people ready for the next bioengineered virus release (via and THE MOON: A Propaganda Hoax (via The Mad Revisionist). (The latter isn’t claiming that we didn’t go to the moon– it posits instead that our dear little satellite doesn’t even exist. Though in a world of limitless possibilities…)

On the topic of commentary in virtual forums, here’s that update I know you’ve all been longing for of any stirrings we created with out Lil Wayne reference in the Tupac Deposition video:

tupac deposition comments

esfelon makes a compelling argument, i’m just still trying to figure out what an ‘intelegentan’ is.

And my friend Kyle sent me this gem on the basis that he ‘knew I liked reading comments.’ Am I that transparent?? But yeah. Good call, Kyle.

awesome, feminist-insensitive comments on the 'bic for her' pen available on

awesome, feminist-insensitive comments on the ‘bic for her’ pen available on

I’ll do a little soul-baring right now (if Jodie can do it so can I!) and admit that 25 is a weird age to be newly single… since returning home from Thailand I’ve attended two weddings (one of which was my younger cousin’s) and borne witness to countless engagements and marriages thanks to the voyeuristic magic of Facebook (sorry, I don’t mean to sound disparaging of your bliss… heartfelt congratulations to all you litte lovebirds!). However, the old adage that “misery loves company” has rung true, and in Kathy’s and my case the silver lining has been that it would seem that nothing brings old friends together like simultaneous breakups. During her stay we spent countless contemplative hours going through the full spectrum of feeling like of course we’d end up happy to being fatalistically certain we’d end up alone (the phrase ‘cats eating my face’ got thrown around a bit) at least twice a day week, as well as watching Downton Abbey wondering where our respective Cousin Matthews were. She also hooked me up with these bits of literature on the subject of love in our weird and trying ‘modern’ age. They present a bit of a spectrum themselves.

item 1: a nytimes article in which men are DEFINITELY the bad guys. arg! men! chauvinism! glass ceiling! hook-up culture!

item 1: a nytimes article in which men are DEFINITELY the bad guys. arg! men! chauvinism! glass ceiling! hook-up culture!

(My boy “Antoine Vanderbilt” coincidentally also addresses this article in his latest “Dear Antoine” installment, in which ‘Laura from DC’ wonders when is the most appropriate time to put out.)

in this one, from the atlantic, online dating is to blame for millenials’ inability to foster successful relationships– it’s so easy to find someone new ‘we’ don’t put in the time or attention necessary to keep the ones we have. an interesting hypothesis, anyway.

finally, a beacon of hope. a relationship succeeds because of undying effort on the part of a real-life prince charming. but is this still giving men too much agency/responsibility?! i’m waiting for the article about the relationship that succeeded because of undying effort on the part of a real-life princess charming.

Anyway, that was a bit of a divergence from the aforementioned themes, let’s reel it back in with another one about pop stars… Specifically two surprisingly similar individuals: Kurt Cobain and Justin Bieber.

this makes ollie a lot like both of them.

this makes ollie a lot like both of them.

(As long as we’re talking about commentary, let’s just say there are a handful of Kurt Cobain fans that do not appreciate this article one little bit. But I think lil Biebs is great? Just see for yourself!)

baby, señorita, mon chérie…

And moving onto animals (yayyy!).

more buzzfeed... i can't help it. the way the official takes the dog off the field is the same way i take ollie to my room to crate him. all limbs sticking exactly straight out.

more buzzfeed… i can’t help it. the way the official takes the dog off the field is the same way i take ollie to my room to crate him. all limbs sticking exactly straight out.

because the only thing better than a donkey in a well is a comically large one.

because the only thing better than a donkey in a well is a comically large one.

this is a work-find... looking through the church's website and was struck by this headline, and subsequently by the heartwarming story that accompanied it.

this is a work-find… looking through the church’s website i was struck by this headline, and subsequently by the heartwarming story that accompanied it.

another work-find...

another work-find…

I mean, it’s no Godbaby but… what is, really?

And, also because I can’t help it, a couple nerdy ones to round out the post and re-express my love of All Things Language.

do words really mean anything

i almost got lost in all the linked articles to this one... this stuff is seriously so intriguing to me.

i almost got lost in all the linked articles to this one… this stuff is seriously so intriguing to me.

And… if comparing Justin Bieber to Kurt Cobain is such a sin in the musical world I don’t want to know what kind of offense it will be for him to share “Song of the Day” status with Janis Joplin but… I heard on the radio that yesterday would have been the Queen of Rock’s 70th birthday so I reckon it’d be a greater offense to not give her the last word:

i’d trade all of my tomorrows for one single yesterday… to be holdin bobby’s body next to mine.

(Ugh it was so hard not to go with “Mercedes Benz,” but Bobby McGee will always occupy a special place in my heart.)

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