Vancouver [et al] Part Two: Whistler & the Sea-to-Sky Gondola

The one firm item on the agenda for my stay was an overnight trip to Whistler on the 29th. Though both a bit out of practice, we decided we’d try our hand (feet?) at some skiing. In my case, “a bit out of practice” meant it’d been a solid 14 years since I’d braved any slopes, in Oberammergau on what I recall being a slushy day. My only real memory of the affair is careening down the mountainside without any control over my motion whatsoever shouting “RYAAAAAAAAN!” at my brother as I passed him, when he clearly was in no position to offer assistance as he was in process of being dragged up the mountainside by the T-bar on which he’d not managed to get a firm seat. Still, I was hopeful.

We got up early to make the 1.5 hour drive from Vancouver before the crowds hit, and were setting out from (having geared up at) Whistler Blackcomb by 10 or 11. The park is enormous with an impressive spread of lifts and gondolas to get you to all sorts of different runs, and we found plenty of green ones (haha) to keep us at it for nearly the whole day (with a few breaks for the sneaky Caesar and bowl of yam fries [Canadian for subtle variations of “Bloody Mary” and “sweet potato fries”], of course). The conditions were great and I only think I wiped out once. Or. You know. Maybe twice… Anyway, fun as it was, I think the best part was definitely the scenery. We hardly even noticed it was -18º (Canadian for “0 degrees”) at the top.


whistler view

alas, i had to use my best judgment and only bring my phone for photo purposes

whistler view2 whistler view3

Laura had booked us a place just outside the village where we intended to rest up, shower, and lounge in the hot tub (not necessarily in that order) before HiTtIn ThE tOwN later on; but the hot tub wasn’t as hot as its name might lead you to believe, and after the shower and the resting and the Chinese leftovers we didn’t feel much like going out so we just drank a bunch of wine and gabbed, as us womenfolk have been known to do. The next morning we went back to the village to walk around a little bit, but found it much colder than the previous day, so we really just grabbed a bite at Earl’s and headed back to the car.

view from the condo's parking lot

view from the condo’s parking lot

whistler village

home of the 2010 olympics

home of the 2010 olympics

laura whistler olympics

whistler mountainsWhereas the drive up had been dark, we were coming back in daylight and got to take in some more gorgeous scenery. We stopped a couple times along the way, including a stop at the Sea-to-Sky Gondola in Squamish, which is exactly what it sounds like.

tantalus lookout

laura tantalus lookout

sea-to-sky gondola gif sea-to-sky gondola laura sea-to-sky gondola sea-to-sky gondola gif2 sea-to-sky gondola2 sea-to-sky gondola viewpoint sea-to-sky gondola viewpoint2 sea-to-sky gondola viewpoint3

i think this may have been the first picture an older british lady had ever taken. not bad!

i think this may have been the first picture an older british lady had ever taken. not bad!

sea-to-sky gondola viewpoint5 sea-to-sky viewpoint6 sea-to-sky viewpoint7

the trip needed more suspension bridge

the trip needed more suspension bridge

sea-to-sky gondola3 sea-to-sky gondola gif4

sea-to-sky gondola gif4We caught a nice sunset on our way back into Vancouver, where the fun continued with a super dank meal at the Oakwood Canadian Bistro and a nightcap (or… two)/cover band at Guilt & Co.

british columbia sunset vancouver moon lions gate bridge sunset vancouver sunset2 vancouver sunset3