Glastonbury Sets

Since starting my job I’ve approached the ‘music-at-work’ scenario from a few different angles. I recently reacquainted myself with Pandora when I discovered it was an app I can get on my phone. I’d completely forgotten about it for years and was excited about the reminder.

Yet I was instantly met with what almost felt like product placement as my colleagues all, on cue, began singing the praises of Spotify over Pandora, with the specific merit that one can play full albums on the former. I, for whatever reason, have been reluctant to sign up for Spotify (probably for the same reasons I’d been reluctant to join Instagram, and look at me now…), and after one coworker spent a futile 15 minutes attempting to install it on his work PC I decided to focus my attention elsewhere.

If you haven’t caught on by now I’ll go ahead and state clearly that I’m, how you say, a big fan of YouTube. A room with YouTube access is a room that will never be boring, so surely there was a solution to be found. And yes, I love the wide range of full albums I’ve had access to (Red Hot Chili PeppersNeil Young, Van Morrison, the Beatles, the Doors, and Talking Heads, to name a few). And people have created some cool playlists, and you can make your own as well. This is all good.

But my favorite new discovery on YouTube is the wide range of full Glastonbury sets (and lots of other concert/festival/event footage, as well). Not only is it high-quality live footage of some pretty sweet acts, there’s the added bonus of sneaking peaks of the performances when you’ve decided you earned a two-minute break from account building. Highlights of my week have included:

makes me so excited to see them next month, and the collab with florence welch at the end is to die for

i’ve rekindled my love affair with amy winehouse’s music these past few months and it was both heartwarming and saddening just to see how good she could be when she was on. this is an early show of hers, before she could almost be counted on to have drunk herself into a state of complete inability to perform, and man was she on! so charismatic and talented, this one… we love you amy!

you will be grooving in your seat the entire hour-and-eighteen-minutes fantasizing about how sweet this would have been to see live

So there you go: what I’ve found to be the perfect balance of focusing-agent and distraction-when-necessary. And there are so many more! Seriously, check it out.