To Dream the Impossible Dream (NOW WITH GIFS!)

I have to admit that, while I like to consider myself at least somewhat in touch with the gay community (and savvy to issues of general import), Friday’s historic Supreme Court decision went strangely under my radar until Marlon’s text message announcement to me that it had happened. And what a pleasant surprise with which to begin my day– learning that marriage equality had been granted in each of our fifty states!

states where marriage equality is law

I have to also credit Marlon with the idea to head down to the place where it all happened (the place we heard that everything would be, as it were): the Supreme Court itself. He wasn’t able to get away from the office but as I’m a glamorous work-from-home-mom (to Ollie.), I was able to sneak off for a little bit to catch some of the goings-on, courtesy of the Capital BikeShare! (Wouldn’t it be cool if I were being paid to name drop them? It was actually just fun for me to do– first time since I moved up!)

And I’m so glad I did. It was exciting and moving, everyone was in such a good mood (except that one lady…), people were singing, there were lots of flags and banners, most of the signs being waved seemed to be Christian messages of love supporting the decision (…except that one lady). Very good energy at this event :).

supreme court building

drive-by bike shot. “justice- the guardian of liberty.”

marriage equality sign girls

pride dog

i will seriously support any decision this dog supports.

this is why we're all here, right? pics of gay men's chorus members' butts and equality flags?

this is why we’re all here, right? pics of gay men’s chorus members’ butts and equality flags?

washington gay men's chorus capitol america is ready america is ready2

one of my favorite images from the day! we knew a different world from the one this little beeb will know.

one of my favorite images from the day! this little beeb will grow up in a country where everyone is free to marry the person they love.

constitution bible barrier

this is from the same shot as the preceding photo-- the 'one lady' i'd referenced earlier. her sign said something about a line being crossed and a quote from deuteronomy, and she was preaching:

if you’ll notice, this is from the same shot as the preceding photo. this is the ‘one lady’ i’d referenced earlier– her sign said something about a line being crossed, supported by a quote from deuteronomy. she was preaching: “i’ve been protesting here for nine days! the homosexuals have been kind to me! they’ve brought me water and hugged me. i love them as i love all god’s children! which is why my heart breaks for them, and my heart breaks for the nation today!” she was the only one of this ilk that i saw, though. “just let her talk…” i heard someone say.

supreme court marriage equality

marriage equality flags

this guy is PUMPED about marriage equality!

this guy is PUMPED about marriage equality!

arc of history supreme court crowd be true shoes washington gay men's chorus

The Gay Men’s Chorus of Washington DC were among the celebrants at the Supreme Court building that day, treating the crowd to moving a cappella renditions of “We Shall Overcome,” the National Anthem, and “The Impossible Dream.”


Then I had to skedaddle back (on the bike that had not been jacked from the tree on which I’d recklessly left it leaning!) and finish up the work day, but when I took Ollie walking later I snapped a few shots of some displays of Pride around the neighborhood.

nellie's sports bar-- you may recognize it as the sponsor on the men's chorus shirts.

nellie’s sports bar– you may recognize it as the sponsor on the men’s chorus shirts.

satellite bar pride satellite bar back bar prideOh and of course the Internet went a little nuts for the decision as well (in case you missed all the rainbows on your facebook feed…).

Some of my favorites include: The SCOTUS Marriage Decision in Haiku on McSweeney’s, BuzzFeed’s breaking-of-bad-news to intended Canada emigrants, this PopSugar piece on the “Running of the Interns” with an utterly hyperbolic title but lots of embedded gay rights fun, and Slate’s assortment of Obama meme’s/tweets/vines because seriously WTF has Obama done?


Marlon was in NYC this weekend and got stuck in to witness what sounded like a pretty impressive Pride parade on Christopher St. My favorite of his documentation of the event was this guy.

slo-mo feature ftw

slo-mo feature ftw

Which, in my figuring out how to convert into a gif, I managed to turn into a full-on gay brainwashing tool! (Basically if you’ve stared into that for longer than ten seconds you’re definitely gay now, but don’t worry– you can get married too!)

rainbow guy christopher st nyc pride parade gifxAlso, if you’re in the crowd that thinks same-sex marriage might destroy civilization, someone at the Guardian agrees with you. (That’s a joke… it’s good satire.)