Well, I’ve Come Crawling Back…

to the “blogosphere,” that is. I’ve had to finally just accept that blogging has become a part of my life, and even my mindset, over the past few years. While one might think an Asia-bound existence might lend itself more consistently to inspiration and reflection than assuming the role of a 9-5 worker bee in Virginia, I’ve decided to get back on the blogging horse for a few reasons, most of them selfish. For one, I enjoy the writing practice. Blogging has been an incentive for me to look at things analytically and with more consideration than I might otherwise. I like having an easily accessible record of photos, stories, and just memories in general. As I plan on using it as a platform to share things like recipes and either artistic or around-the-house projects hopefully it will serve as an incentive to be as involved in such things as I’ve been intending to. I also plan on logging music/book/movie discoveries which, again, are as much for my own benefit as anything as I have a penchant for dropping/breaking/having computers stolen and losing iTunes libraries.

Of  course, I’ll also be hoping at least some of my content is at least a tiny bit useful or interesting to at least a handful of people but… we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.

So yeah… I’m back. And in honor of the occasion, today’s Song of the Day. Take it away, Mister Mathers:

nobody wants to see marshall no more… they want shady. i’m chopped liver!

(Don’t judge me… I think I’m going to totally steal from Deb-from-Smitten-Kitchen‘s book– not to mention certainly obnoxiously self-promote– and do the yearly look-back thing. I just… am at times almost desperate for some reminders of how my life used to be because things are pretty different these days. And yes, I’m kind of cheating on the “Two Years Ago” category, because I was backtracking to catch up with all the posting I didn’t have good enough internet for in Nepal/India.)

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