I was reading a collection of George Orwell’s essays, Books v. cigarettes, many moons ago in China when a reference to Pontius Pilate inspired me to read his (Pilate’s) Wikipedia page.

That, in turn, inspired me to write this song:

(I was listening to a lot of Sufjan Stevens at the time, which must have reassured me that it can be cool to write songs with strong religious overtones. Though Brand New might win the prize for best religious-themed song.)

Four Easters (and, I suppose, more appropriately, Holy Thursdays) have passed since then, each marked by an intention to sit down and get it recorded that was finally realized this year. Enjoy!

Oh, and the image in the video is a photo of a wood carving that I edited a little (heres the original). The artist, Grant Figura, has a lot of really interesting pieces and I’ve just noticed he’s from right down the road in Floyd, Virginia!

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